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The Mindful Macro Community 

I believe photography in and of itself is a very mindful practice and when I talk about mindfulness I am referring to that “zen state” we can achieve when being consciously aware of something. However, macro photography, my first love, seems extra special in that it really gets me in that zone of being acutely aware and in the moment more so than any other forms of photography. Discovery, beauty, immerging magnificent details, and possibly seeing something larger in the smaller is what happens when I peek through my special little macro lens. I can do this for hours and with no distraction. Not many things have this influence on me as such.


There is something about macro photography that really takes you in and allows you to be in the moment and appreciate the pure beauty of details in our surroundings.


If you are a Macro lover and find it to be as mindful as I do please check out out The Mindful Macro Community on Instagram and share your pics and stories, what you love about macro photography and how it brings meaning, discovery, and mindfulness to your life! Just started this, so help me out and spread the macro love! 

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