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Greetings! My name is Katie Fleming and welcome to Vision Portalis - humbled and honored for your visit... thank you. 


Photography has been a passion of mine since a very young age and over the course of many years, I have been fortunate to have had some very delightful and exciting photography opportunities. This has included working with some very lovely people, traveling to some very beautiful places, capturing some extremely fun events and creating custom art and visuals for a variety of unique needs. 


I very much enjoy working with and photographing people, whether it be catching them in candid moments to capture their beauty and true essence or shooting them for specific desires to preserve treasured moments. I also love photographing people "doing their thing" whether it be performing live on stage, interacting with others, or just being their beautiful selves. I am also excited to help people with the needs they have that might relate to showcasing their product or service and helping it to come to life visually. 


Additionally, I get great joy and satisfaction through witnessing and photographing the tremendous beauty of our planet, whether it be traveling abroad to beautiful locations, with vast and mesmerizing views, or just getting up close and personal with my macro lens to examine the basic, but intricate, detailed artwork mother nature has created herself. 


And then there is just the love for making art and finding beauty in ordinary things. 


Macro photography is my first love. Color and texture, particularly in natural elements are extremely appealing to me as well. However, I also enjoy the process of working with liquids and paints, making all kinds of messes and photographing it all with my macro lens. With macro in general, something deeper appears when I look so deeply into it - I found worlds upon worlds unfold with this process and it is something I could never get bored of. Something as simple as some melted tree sap, for example, can turn into a giant cosmic world, when viewing it through a macro lens. And speaking of worlds... I tend to be quite drawn to things cosmic, in nature, as far as my artwork and... I am REALLY into all things Rainbow. :) (science and miracles) 


Overall, I just find a deep sense of presence and mindfulness in my photography practice and in making art - as it allows me to just stop...... and look at what is beautiful, to me at least, in whatever fashion, and simply, be in that moment and nowhere else.


My educational background is in Psychology and Radio/TV/Film, where I graduated from TCU. I went on further to pursue a Master's degree in Psychology and also maintain a counseling practice. My professional experience in the arts includes being a multi-genre photographer. I've enjoyed working with individuals and couples in creating unique and intimate photos.  People say I make them feel at ease and we all have a lot of fun during the experience. I have also assisted entrepreneurs in their retail photography for various marketing efforts.  I have the opportunity to travel and also shoot numerous live events and have been on the Photo Crew for SXSW Music Festival in the last three years. I immensely love traveling and my works have also including taking pictures of beautiful locations such as Alaska, Mexico, Italy, Costa Rica, Belize, and Canada, Iceland, to name a few.  The next stop will be the Patagonia Region, as I hear the photographic opportunities are endless. 


I am currently available for portrait, event, and commercial photography projects as well as custom art. My prices are reasonable and I am able to customized package deals depending on your needs. Please contact me with details and I will respond with a quote. Some of my images are available for print at  (higher resolution) or you can just contact me for all other images and for custom printing and prices. I am also open to art collaborations. 


Again, thanks for stopping by. 


Peace, Katie 


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